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It's "that time again" here and we are in full swing praying, planning, and strategizing to continue our support and commitment to whom we lovingly refer to as our "scholarship students". I have a group of 38 students who God placed in my care, some over ten years ago. Others, in more recent years but they have all "aged out" of my school in their village as we can currently only offer through 2nd grade there. They range from 3rd grade through high school who have remained under my care yet attending a different private school. They continue coming to our school at noon daily for meals and activities. Present Hope Ministry has paid their tuition, books, and uniform costs at that school for years out of our general fund (financial gifts we receive to invest as God leads and the ministry needs). As you know, with numerous students, this adds up and makes a significant difference in our operating budget. Our goal is to carry these students through their high-school education level, if we acquire annual support. Without our intervention in the lives of these children that have been brought into my care, the outcome for these children and their future is dismal at best. We can break the generational curse of un-education and poverty. We do believe that education is the key to a different and brighter future for these children. The costs and dates for payment required at their new, private Christian school is as follows: $175 per student for tuition and books, applying our courtesy discount. This does NOT include uniform as we will ask parents/caregivers to collaborate with this effort.

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